Thank you for your interest in writing for Canadian Mennonite. We depend on writers across the country to keep us connected with local churches and important issues.

Editorial Schedule and Deadlines
We welcome submission of theological reflections, sermons, opinion pieces, letters, reviews and personal stories. Submissions relating to the editorial or advertising themes of upcoming issues are especially welcome. Our upcoming themes and general submission deadlines can be viewed in our current editorial calendar.

Submission Guidelines
We suggest prospective writers contact to discuss their article idea prior to proceeding (though you are free to send a complete manuscript as well). In some cases, contacting us in advance can help prevent scenarios in which two people write about the same event or topic. We might also be able to offer guidance or suggestions that will increase the chances of publication.

Send ideas, questions or manuscripts to

We do not generally pay for unsolicited articles or photos, though we may make exceptions, particularly for people who depend on writing or photography for their livelihood.

Usage Rights
By submitting your article or photography to Canadian Mennonite, you are giving the magazine permission to print your article or portions of your article in the magazine in print, on our website and in other electronic formats. You also agree to have your article edited for style, clarity and length, as per common magazine editing norms. Edits deemed substantive by staff will be undertaken in consultation with the writer.

By submitting your article, you also agree to let your article be archived and distributed.
Other than this, we have first rights only. You are free to have your article or photos published anywhere else you wish, without any permission from us. We will not give reprint rights to any other publications but will ask them to contact you directly for permission.

We will attempt to make a decision about whether to use your manuscript within three weeks of receiving it. We will inform you of our decision.

We welcome submissions of photos, photo essays and other visual pieces. Send to

Letters to the Editor (Readers write)
We invite input from readers. Tell us what is on your mind and heart.

Send letters to We encourage you to be concise and respectful. Please include your contact info.

Like most publications, we reserve the right to edit letters for length, style and clarity. Substantive edits will only be made in conversation with the writer.

While we publish most letters we receive, we reserve the right to decide, according to our criteria, which letters to publish.

If you wish to review a book, movie or piece of music, please contact us at to express your interest.

Editorial Contact
Will Braun, editor

This document was last updated on May 12, 2023.

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