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In a new video, musician Steve Bell gives viewers a tour of Freedom Road and shows them the impact the road has had on Shoal Lake 40 First Nation.

“It’s a pretty good story,” Steve Bell says in a new video. That’s an understatement. In the 12-minute video, published on Bell’s YouTube page earlier this month, the Winnipeg... Read More
November 19, 2021 | Web First | Aaron Epp

Members of Mennonite Church B.C. congregations were among those who heard First Nations drummers on Orange Shirt Day in Abbotsford in 2018, supporting children who survived residential schools in the past. MC B.C. continues to support relations with First Nations of B.C. through a statement of land acknowledgment now posted on its website. (Photo by Amy Rinner Waddell)

In the spirit of reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples of British Columbia, a statement of land acknowledgment has been adopted by Mennonite Church British Columbia. It states: “... Read More
November 17, 2021 | News | Amy Rinner Waddell

The organizers of the “7 Calls to Climate Action for Mennonite Church Canada,” from top to bottom, left to right: Steve Heinrichs, Mona Neufeld and Josiah Neufeld, Mark Bigland-Pritchard, Anna Bigland-Prichard, Katie Goerzen-Sheard, Justin Sun and Will Braun.

At the beginning of November, thousands of people from across the globe gathered at the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, to address the climate crisis. Meanwhile, there... Read More
November 17, 2021 | News | Nicolien Klassen-Wiebe

Donated hay about to be loaded in Ontario for farmers in Saskatchewan. (Photo by Lester Weber)

For Bradley and Virginia Walker, livestock farmers in Endeavour, Sask., this year’s weather was a disaster. “The rain was so patchy,” says Bradley. “Some places got good rain; we... Read More
November 17, 2021 | News | John Longhurst

Participants in CLASP, an inclusion camp experience, enjoy a hike at Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Centre near New Hamburg, Ont. (Photo by Chris Pot)

Like many other organizations, Hidden Acres Mennonite Camp and Retreat Centre was forced to rethink its programs and services when the COVID-19 pandemic shut down normal... Read More
November 17, 2021 | News | Janet Bauman

The SALTers reunited at Martha and Brent Kuehl’s home on Aug. 19, 2021. Pictured from left to right, front row: Melody Steinman, Martha Kuehl and Lorie Yantzi; and back row: Nadine Moyer, Vi Martin and Marlene Letkeman-Holst. (Photo courtesy of Martha Kuehl)

It has been well over half of their lifetime ago—“38 years to be exact,” said one of the six women who gathered on a warm August evening with their spouses to reminisce about... Read More
November 17, 2021 | People | Melody Steinman

The Mennonite World Conference logo is seen here on an MWC global assembly bag from 1990. (Photo by Aaron Epp)

Brethren in Christ church members in Zimbabwe still use their Mennonite World Conference (MWC) global assembly bags from 2003 to carry their Bibles to church. “The [MWC] logo... Read More
November 16, 2021 | Web First |

Indonesia’s strong national commitment to religious freedom has enabled smaller Buddhist, Hindu, Confucian and Christian communities to flourish. (Photo by Karla Braun)

Are you wondering whether or not to attend the upcoming Mennonite World Conference Assembly in Semarang, Indonesia, which takes place July 5-10, 2022? John D. Roth’s new book, A... Read More
November 15, 2021 | Web First |

A man stands next to a house destroyed by recent flooding in rural Nepal. (Photo courtesy of Shemlal Hembrom)

As scientists and world leaders met at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, Anabaptists in Nepal were helping to address the immediate and deadly impacts of the... Read More
November 5, 2021 | Web First | Will Braun

A joint youth/young-adult choir performs at the baptismal service on Oct. 24 for Point Grey Inter-Mennonite Fellowship, which took place at Sherbrooke Mennonite Church in Vancouver. (Screenshot by Amy Rinner Waddell)

A church choir is a rarity these days when worship teams predominate; even more rare is one made up entirely of members under age 30 from two different congregations. But singing... Read More
November 3, 2021 | News | Amy Rinner Waddell

Wayne and Carry Dueck, pictured in 2019, enjoy the fruits of their labours on ‘The Land,’ where they planted thousands of coniferous trees over the years. (Photo by Donna Schulz)

Eight years ago, I received an e-mail from then editor Dick Benner, asking me whether I’d consider being Canadian Mennonite’s Saskatchewan correspondent. It sounds trite to say... Read More
November 3, 2021 | People | Donna Schulz

(Photo compilation by Betty Avery)

Theology, Spirituality The Baby and the Bathwater: Aspiration and Reality in the Life of the Church. Robert J. Suderman. Privately published with Tellwell, 2021, 120 pages. In... Read More
November 3, 2021 | Focus On Books & Resources | Barb Draper

Thousands of files languish in the basement of Mennonite Church Canada’s Winnipeg office, holding decades of history but forgotten by many. Jack, left, and Irene Suderman are bringing these records to light, reviewing and organizing them to be stored in the Mennonite Heritage Archives. (Photo by Nicolien Klassen-Wiebe)

Thousands of files languish in the basement of Mennonite Church Canada’s Winnipeg office, holding decades of history but forgotten by many. Irene and Jack Suderman are bringing... Read More
November 3, 2021 | Focus On Books & Resources | Nicolien Klassen-Wiebe

The title of the book is never directly explained, but Zook finds herself licking peanut butter as a way of getting physical nourishment while rethinking the relationship between spirituality and the physical body.

When it comes to motherhood, Shari Zook asks, “Why don’t we get more training for the hardest job of our lives? Why do we feel that we have to do it alone?” Because she is so open... Read More
November 3, 2021 | Focus On Books & Resources | Barb Draper

Ken Ogasawara (facing camera), the producer and host of the podcast Undercurrents, interviews Ly Vang for Episode 10, which was just recently released. (Photo courtesy of Ken Ogasawara)

Ken Ogasawara counts it a “sacred gift” when he is trusted with another person’s story. As he shapes that into a podcast episode, he is mindful of “doing justice to their story.”... Read More
November 3, 2021 | Focus On Books & Resources | Janet Bauman

Amateur mixologist Sherri Klassen is the author of Menno-Nightcaps. (Photo by Emma Klassen-Brulé)

There are countless Mennonite cookbooks, but last month saw the debut of what is likely the world’s very first Mennonite cocktail book. Menno-Nightcaps: Cocktails Inspired by that... Read More
November 3, 2021 | Focus On Books & Resources | Aaron Epp

Joanne Moyer, second from right in the middle row, stands with students from the King’s University in 2019. Hanna Groot, third from left in the front row, and Anna Pattison, second from left in the back row, contributed to the resource “God’s Green Church.” (Photo courtesy of Mennonite Church Canada)

Senior environmental studies students from The King’s University in Edmonton have compiled a creation care resource for Mennonite Church Canada congregations. “God’s Green Church... Read More
November 2, 2021 | Web First |

John Thiesen, left, archivist at the Mennonite Library & Archives at Bethel College, and Dale Schrag look at Schrag's favourite book in the MLA collection: the third edition of Erasmus’ Greek and Latin translation of the New Testament, which turns 500 years old in 2022. The photo was taken in early March of 2020, when Schrag, working as a volunteer fundraiser, had successfully completed a $1 million endowment campaign for the MLA. (Photo by Taylor Brown)

The Mennonite Library and Archives (MLA) at Bethel College in North Newton, Kan. is inviting the public to view the oldest book in its collection, which celebrates its 500th... Read More
November 2, 2021 | Web First |

Jonathan Dueck, vice president academic of CMU, and Adrian Jacobs, Keeper of the Circle at Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre, exchange bundles to honour and formalize the relationship between the two organizations after nearly a decade of connecting and working together.

Last month on Treaty One territory, where the forest meets the river and wild rice grows, Canadian Mennonite University (CMU) and Sandy Saulteaux Spiritual Centre (SSSC) exchanged... Read More
November 1, 2021 | Web First |

Robert J. Suderman is the author of 'The Baby and the Bathwater: Aspiration and Reality in the Life of the Church.'

In his new book, The Baby and the Bathwater: Aspiration and Reality in the Life of the Church , Robert J. Suderman, former general secretary for Mennonite Church Canada, makes a... Read More
November 1, 2021 | Web First |

A large group gathers for David Scott’s first talk on Sept. 28 at Morden (Man.) Mennonite Church. (Photo by Denise Thiessen)

This fall, a collective of people in southern Manitoba working at Indigenous-settler reconciliation, called the Truth and Action Working Group, is hosting a series of talks with... Read More
October 20, 2021 | News | Nicolien Klassen-Wiebe

An internally displaced Kachin family in Myanmar. (Photos courtesy of Partners Relief & Development)

What for many of us may be a fleeting headline about strife on the other side of the world is for others within our faith family a heartbreaking reminder of a painful past and... Read More
October 20, 2021 | News | Will Braun

At Parkwood Seniors Community, Ruth Klassen, left, Phares Bauman, Lloyd Martin, Hilda Lorenz and Leeta Horst have room at the table where a “community for all’ model means “everyone has an equal place at the table,” no matter their physical, emotional, financial or spiritual needs. (Photo by Rachel Lincoln Photography)

A fundraising campaign at Parkwood Seniors Community is underway, which will see 28 affordable units created in a six-storey, 90-unit building on its Waterloo campus, to be... Read More
October 20, 2021 | News | Janet Bauman

Ruth Boehm is pictured in the church parking lot where a man spent a year sleeping out in his truck. (Photo by Charleen Jongejan Harder)

It was the spring of 2018, Pastor Ruth Boehm of Faith Mennonite Church in Leamington recalls, when the father of one of the kids attending the after-school program at the church... Read More
October 20, 2021 | News | Charleen Jongejan Harder

Piles of pipe for the Coastal Gaslink just outside of Houston, B.C. (Photo by Josiah Neufeld)

Mennonite Church B.C.’s Indigenous Relations Task Group, which is committed to creating redemptive relationships between settler Mennonites and their Indigenous neighbours, has... Read More
October 20, 2021 | News | Amy Rinner Waddell