Readers write: May 22, 2017 issue

May 17, 2017 | Viewpoints | Volume 21 Issue 11

Alberta is an example to us all

Re: “A season of change and a search for vitality,” April 10, page 16.

I would like to commend Mennonite Church Alberta, the Calgary Chinese and Vietnamese Mennonite churches, and Edmonton Vietnamese Mennonite Church.

Although I don’t consider it good news to see churches leave their area or national church because of disagreements over topics like the Being a Faithful Church 7 resolution, it is refreshing to read about these churches that have chosen to show the love of Christ in the midst of separation. As optimistic as I was that our churches could stay unified, I have realized that it simply doesn’t happen when we encounter issues so close to our hearts, like sexuality.

But disagreement comes in many forms. Our history has been one of denouncing and walking out, believing the others to be heretics. Alberta has shown us another way, that even when churches cannot worship together because of their theological convictions, there is room for blessing, best wishes, sending, prayer, lament, and the unity of Christ that transcends denominational walls. This kind of separation acknowledges that our area and national churches are much more than just membership clubs like the YMCA.

Our Mennonite church is nothing more than what we, as local congregations, have covenanted to do together. When local churches leave, it affects the whole body, from our decision-making to what we are able to do together in Canada and around the world.

So, although I’m sure it wasn’t easy in Alberta, and although I’m sure there was a lot of hurt, their actions demonstrated a way forward in Christ when unity is not seen as possible.

Moses Falco, Winnipeg


‘Supper club’ headline misleading

Re: “Supper club for seniors and inmates in danger of closing,” March 27, page 17.

The supper club known as “Three Communities, One Hope,”  which reflects the participation of Fairview Mennonite Home, the Grand Valley Institution for Women and Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship in Kitchener, Ont., is in no danger of closing.

Among the many participants, hope for its future is robust. There are currently fewer volunteers in the program than in the past, and there has been discussion in this multi-generational congregation about how to boost interest and attract more volunteers.

Anyone who would like to participate in the deeply meaningful supper club program should contact Ruth DePeazer or Carol Hilborn at or 519-748-5241.

Ruth DePeazer, Carol Hilborn and Johanna Wall, Pioneer Park Christian Fellowship, Kitchener, Ont.

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