Readers write: January 30, 2017 issue

January 25, 2017 | Viewpoints | Volume 21 Issue 3

Reader lauds ‘brilliant’ Christmas feature

Re: “Spirit-heat to thaw your freezing blood” feature, Dec. 12, 2016, page 4.

As my dental hygienist would say: “brilliant!” Thank you, Layton Friesen. May you enjoy a long and fruitful ministry.

Wayne Nafziger, Alliston, Ont.


Church goes nowhere when mired in talk of sexuality and abuse of power

I am continually saddened and angered by the constant state of discontent by the populace of Mennonites across this nation. We seem to be mired in conversation about sexuality and abuse of power issues, and we never seem to get anywhere.

The Apostle Paul said in his writings that all sin is outside the body, with the exception of sexual sin that is inside the body, which is the temple for the Holy Spirit. This includes heterosexual and homosexual sins that are both equal in being wrong. It is in my opinion that it will be God who judges this, so I don’t have to.

We, as Mennonites, have tarnished our standing with the world and with each other because we all want to be heard and we have lost our collective voice. By not working together with true faith in the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost, we will struggle to bring justice and restorative justice to those around us and our selves.

A National Post article recently stated that the fall of Aleppo, Syria, was a failure of humanity because we all stood by and watched it happen. I wonder if we, as Christians, can be held responsible for not coming together and restoring the church, so our young people can feel a positive energy and create an alternative to extremist realities.

Rob Martin, Elmira, Ont.

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