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August 26, 2015 | Viewpoints | Volume 19 Issue 17

Mennonites should denounce Canadian arms sales

Peter McKenna, chair of political science at the University of Prince Edward Island, questions the Canadian arms deal with Saudi Arabia in an article in The Chronicle Herald published June 9. He quotes from Michael Harris’s polemical book, Party of One that Preston Manning said, “Words don’t mean much to Stephen [Harper].”

I do not know if McKenna is aware of the historic peace position of the Mennonite Church, but he has certainly described one of the major reasons why Anabaptists refused to participate in the conflicts of their day. Where are voices of present-day Anabaptists? Where are the draft dodgers when we need them? Are the costs higher now?

On the day he rode into Jerusalem, Jesus told the religious leaders that if the people did not acknowledge him, the stones of the street would cry out.

Why are the leaders of the Mennonite Church silent about the sale of arms? Is it because the Harper government told you he would take away your tax exemption number if you continued to write anything that disagrees with its policies? Is this not a form of cowardice that puts to shame those who gave up their jobs and even their lives for the cause of peace?  

I am ashamed that our leaders have chosen to write only one-sided, popular presentations on the issue of homosexuality. With imbalance and silence on issues, you do not disturb people. Perhaps they simply go to sleep, feeling all is right with the world.

Where are the articles giving guidance in this time of elections?

Where are the Mennonite leaders/teachers who get paid and who should be speaking up on the issues? Have they gone into hiding, fearful for their jobs?

Oh, that more would rise together and declare, “that the emperor is not wearing any clothes.”

David Shantz, Montreal, Que.


Praise for the guitar-maker

Re: “The luthier of La Riviere,” Aug. 17 issue, page 30.

I think “the cream has risen to the top” here with Jeremy! Seldom do you find someone with such dedication, work ethic, values and passion as he shows in his work and toward his fellow musicians.

Ron Cameron, online comment

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