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October 12, 2022 | Focus On Education | Volume 26 Issue 21
Menno Simons Christian School
Calgary, Alberta
Marvin Grasmeyer, the director of athletics at Mennonite Simons Christian School, challenges students to be ‘peacemakers’ even in sports. (Photo by Ann Pam)

Marvin Grasmeyer has a passion for the students, which is evident in everything that he does at Menno.

As director of the athletic program, he has ensured that Menno keeps an all-inclusive approach because he sees the value in every student having the opportunity to be a part of a team.

As a teacher, he takes the time to get to know his students and their individual gifts, and can often be seen working with students one-on-one in his classroom or study space, not only helping them solve math problems and algorithms, but speaking truth into their lives. He invests in the spiritual growth and character development of our students by challenging them to work as PEACEMAKERS (Participants-Enthusiastic-Accepting-Christlike-Encouraging-Mentors-Aspiring-Kind-Excellent-Responsible-Servants) in all areas of their lives, even during basketball playoffs.

As he approaches his 30th year of teaching at Menno, he answered questions about what inspires him, what drives him, and what the future holds for him at his designated mission field: Menno Simons Christian.

What were the early years at Menno like?
It was hard in the early years. We were like the Israelites wandering the desert. We were always moving from school to school, and always wondering where our finances would be coming from. But the community treated us so well; they appreciated what we did and were so generous with their time and resources. The small school size forced us to work together and do everything. I taught everything from Kindergarten to Grade 9; the first gym was the size of a volleyball court! We all worked together—teachers and parents.

What are some memorable moments?
A lot of my memories are around track and field, and sports. I really enjoyed all the excursions. I remember one of our fundraisers was delivering phone books, in an effort to raise money for the Sail and Life Training Society (SALTS). The entire junior high would take Friday off and then meet back on Saturday to deliver phone books; 90 percent of the parents would come out to participate as well. 

What is your prayer for Menno?
That Menno will remain faithful to Jesus’ teaching, and will continue to be a place where children feel safe and loved, and know that they are God’s beloved. 

Marvin Grasmeyer, the director of athletics at Mennonite Simons Christian School, challenges students to be ‘peacemakers’ even in sports. (Photo by Ann Pam)

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