Jean Vanier, who died on May 7 at age 90, was a spiritual leader who shared the gospel in a way few, if any, had before. Born into near-aristocracy—his dad became Governor General... Read More
June 5, 2019 | Opinion | Will Braun
Two hours into a conversation that I deeply regretted starting, the man seated next to me said, “Most people on this airplane are probably not Christian. If this flight starts to... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Editorial | Tobi Thiessen
Easy to sympathize about abortion, but hard to rationalize it Re: “ Can we talk about abortion? ” April 29, page 10. In reading Melissa Miller’s column, it is easy to sympathize... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Various Contributors
I was recently invited with a handful of other clergypersons to lunch at a local seniors home. Between the main course and dessert, the conversation turned, predictably, to the... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Ryan Dueck
Streetscape of Nipawin, Sask., in the 1920s. Mennonites first began moving to Lost River in the Rural Municipality of Nipawin in the early 1900s. By 1906, they were meeting in... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Conrad Stoesz
Nearly 20 years ago, my husband accepted a job offer in Winnipeg that resulted in our family’s move from Ontario, a place we had called home for 22 years. While I appreciated his... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Melissa Miller
It was at the baseball diamond on my 36th birthday that I stumbled upon a breaking point. It came as a deep gut conviction, a weary heartfelt and tear-filled prayer, and a holy... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Christina Bartel Barkman
When you live on the west side of the Rocky Mountains and sometimes feel isolated from the rest of the country, what does it mean to be part of our nationwide family of faith?... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Lee Dyck
As the saying goes, “Confession is good for the soul but bad for the reputation.” Have you ever wondered what Jesus thought about his reputation? Word around town alleged he was... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Troy Watson
Timothy King found himself addicted to opioids when complications after surgery led to intense pain and serious illness. In Addiction Nation , he describes what it feels like to... Read More
May 22, 2019 | Opinion | Barb Draper
Since Rachel Held Evans’s sudden death on May 4, the internet has been filled with tributes to the beloved Christian author and her work . Her willingness to be honest about her... Read More
May 21, 2019 | Web First - Opinion | Christina Entz Moss
“We can all have good mental health. It is about having a sense of purpose, strong relationships, feeling connected to our communities, knowing who we are, coping with stress and... Read More
May 8, 2019 | Editorial | Virginia A. Hostetler
A shotgun is ‘a tool to put meat on the table’ Re: “ Swords into ploughshares, guns into art ,” March 4, page 23. A great sculpture. Irian Fast-Sittler does great work; keep it up... Read More
May 8, 2019 | Opinion | Various Contributors
Summer is a time when many set aside time to explore. Pictured are five men on their motorcycles on Railway Street in Morden, Man., in 1913. From left to right on the motorcycles... Read More
May 8, 2019 | Opinion | Conrad Stoesz
This year, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan has been “deepening our walk with one another” as part of a three-year initiative to call us to deeper life with Christ, ourselves and our... Read More
May 8, 2019 | Opinion | Andrea Enns-Gooding
Recently, I attended a provincial court session. A released offender friend, “Clifford” (a pseudonym), had messed up rather significantly. It wasn’t a violent offence, but it was... Read More
May 8, 2019 | Opinion | Ed Olfert
On April 15, dramatic images of Paris’s burning Notre Dame Cathedral captured worldwide attention. Nearby, local citizens and tourists stood singing and praying in grief. Could it... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Editorial | Virginia A. Hostetler
Story makes you wonder why church is actually leaving Re: “ Church of the Way to leave MC B.C. ,” March 4, page 15. The article says Church of the Way is joining the Evangelical... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Various Contributors
So I’m out walking in the beautiful spring sunshine and I pass a church that has a large empty parking lot with a sign that says “No Parking.” As I turn the corner, I see the... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Ken Warkentin
At a recent gathering of pastors, one man spoke of “a woman’s right to choose” with respect to pregnancy, then added, “I assume everyone here would agree with that.” In a room of... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Melissa Miller
We “both have white uniforms,” joked Harold Schmidt in a letter to his girlfriend (later, wife) Enid Culp in 1942. Schmidt, left, was a cook at the Seymour Mountain conscientious... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Laureen Harder-Gissing
It was a year ago now, when we were packing up our life in Manila, embracing in tearful goodbyes and embarking on a new path. On our departure day, our home was still full of our... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Christina Bartel Barkman
Confession is primarily between the individual and God, as I wrote about last month . Yet Scripture encourages us to confess our sins to one another (James 5:16). Why is this... Read More
April 24, 2019 | Opinion | Troy Watson
Confession: I once shooed a visitor away from “my” bench at church. (I was saving a spot for my husband.) Fortunately, the visitor stayed and I could apologize for my thoughtless... Read More
April 10, 2019 | Editorial | Virginia A. Hostetler
Mennonite camps exist outside of Ontario and Manitoba Re: “Focus on Camping,” Feb. 18, pages 23-28. One might think from reading these stories that no Mennonite camps existed west... Read More
April 10, 2019 | Opinion | Various Contributors