Popular author, speaker and shame researcher Brené Brown once quipped, “You can’t swing a cat without hitting a narcissist.” She later apologized for the inhumane image conjured... Read More
October 5, 2023 | Opinion | Troy Watson
In early 2000, when I first stepped into the sanctuary of Willingdon Church in Burnaby, B.C., I was astounded to see the music team’s diversity. A variety of races and ethnicities... Read More
October 5, 2023 | Opinion | Joon Park
The following article is an online supplement to Miles Wiederkehr’s article, “A cycle of practical love” in the Sept. 22, 2023, issue of Canadian Mennonite. In “A cycle of... Read More
September 22, 2023 | Web First - Opinion | Andre Wiederkehr
In the past few weeks, I’ve spoken with five people who have been deeply wounded by church institutions. I’ve met countless more in previous years. I regularly receive notes from... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Editorial | Will Braun
Wrestling I read your piece (“ The duty of tension ,” June 16) and I’ve been wrestling with the content. It was a great editorial, and I commend your willingness to stomach the... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion |
It’s worth celebrating that the regions of MC Canada have identified the climate crisis as a priority ministry area in recent years. Like all priorities, where the rubber really... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Sandy Plett
This photo depicts the founding of the Conference of Mennonites in Canada in 1902 at Tiefengrund, Sask. The men in this photo include (back row, l to r): David Epp, Laird, Sask.;... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Conrad Stoesz
My sister Helen is a retired nurse who spent much of her career working with palliative patients. In the last few years of her working life, she encountered medical assistance in... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Ed Olfert
An encounter with Jesus is a call for transformation. Such is the story of Zacchaeus. Jesus noticed him watching from a tree and invited himself for dinner. Zacchaeus must have... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Randy Haluza-DeLay
Psalm 103 contains familiar and beautiful lines that speak of the Lord as being gracious and compassionate, slow to anger and abounding in love. They’re lovely, but that’s not... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Joshua Penfold
In order to fully embrace the diversity of the church and to live into God’s reign of justice and peace, it is necessary to sing and pray with Indigenous Christians. Songs are a... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Sarah Kathleen Johnson, Katie Graber and Anneli Loepp Thiessen
My memories of high school are largely a featureless blur—I did graduate 40 years ago—but one incident that stands out in detail is a lecture in my vocational agriculture class... Read More
September 21, 2023 | Opinion | Miles Wiederkehr
How do you discern a career change? Or, to use language many in the church are familiar with, how do you discern a new call? After 25 years in local ministry, specifically in the... Read More
September 7, 2023 | Opinion | Shel Boese
For the past two years, the Meserete Kristos Church (MKC)—the Anabaptist denominational body in Ethiopia—has been working with communities and local institutions to restore peace... Read More
September 7, 2023 | Opinion | Mekonnen Gemeda
Have you completed our opinion survey? If not, here is your invitation to do so. We need your help to re-think how Canadian Mennonite (CM) can best serve the church. Please use... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Editorial | Tobi Thiessen
Humans, humus and healing The portrait of a family living a subsistence-level lifestyle (“ Humans and Humus ,” July 28) might well serve to trigger a resolve to be more self-... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion |
The first time I remember hearing of a shortage of pastors was over 35 years ago. I was in the process of completing my Bible College degree, and a conference leader was... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion | Tim Wiebe-Neufeld
In December 1924, this family was starting a new life in more ways than one. Katharina (Enns Rempel) and Jacob P. Braun, both widowed, separately emigrated from the Soviet Union... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion | Laureen Harder-Gissing
I heard some strong language this summer about church from various extended family members. I’m sure this is not just in my family! Conversation at family gatherings is not... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion | Arli Klassen
This is the first summer I haven’t gone camping for at least 25 years, maybe my entire life. Since Tammy and I got married 23 years ago, our family holidays have focused on hiking... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion | Troy Watson
Perhaps you remember the 2000 box office hit My Big Fat Greek Wedding . It tells the story of a young Greek American woman, Toula Portokalos, falling in love with a non-Greek WASP... Read More
August 24, 2023 | Opinion | Joon Park
I don’t get out much. That’s true for my personal life. My wife and I are homebodies and we jokingly refer to ourselves as “indoor kids”—a nod to the kind of children who choose... Read More
August 8, 2023 | Editorial | Aaron Epp
I’ve been learning about waiting. After avoiding it for three years, I tested positive for COVID-19 at the beginning of July—just in time to disrupt the return of the Grand... Read More
August 8, 2023 | Opinion | Josh Wallace
In his new book Shattered , Arthur Boers writes, “I realized that I never understood my father, our relationship, or even myself.” In this coming-of-age story, Boers explores his... Read More
August 4, 2023 | Opinion | Barb Draper
If integrity is the currency of change, the Wiederkehr family of Mildmay, Ontario should have a chunk of change to spend. In a world of compromise, greenwashing and homesteaders... Read More
July 27, 2023 | Editorial | Will Braun