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January 5, 2011 | Feature | Number 1
Canadian Mennonite |

1. Sue Steiner tells the story of her friend who emptied her wallet in the offering plate at a concert as a spontaneous act of love for God. How would you have responded in that situation? Do you admire this person for her gesture, which she described as an act of trust in God?

2. Have you ever performed a spontaneous act of love for someone else? Do you agree that Mennonites are more apt to respond with “sober restraint” than spontaneous generosity? Why might that be? What are the advantages or disadvantages of being restrained?

3. What feelings do the symbol of foot-washing evoke in you? Do you agree that it can symbolize “mutual caring between friends in a close community”? What other actions can express “love which words stammer to express”?

4. How do you respond to Steiner’s suggestion that doing the work of the church is a gesture of gratitude and devotion to God? When is financial generosity an act of devotion to God? Are generous people spontaneously generous or have they cultivated the habit of generosity?

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