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September 23, 2010
Paul Loewen |

Do we care too much about creation? To continue what I said last week, there are all kinds of good things that can separate us from God. It still is strange to me that Paul would list many of these instead of purely negative things, but at the same time it's an important message to keep in mind. 

Today's "positively separate" topic is creation. This one is huge. Massive, in fact. When I look around, I see this everywhere. For hundreds and maybe even thousands of years, Christians haven't done the best job of caring for creation. Often we've been on the forefront of destruction. As the tendency of anything goes, when you realize your mistake you over-correct. It's like when you're driving down the highway and you realize your right wheel is touching the shoulder. What happens next is very important. If you correct just slightly, you'll be fine. If you jerk the steering wheel to the left, you'll end up over-compensating and careening into the oncoming lane. It gets ugly when that happens.

In many ways, that's what I think we're doing. With recycling bins, animal shelters, global warming awareness, and many other examples, it's obvious that we're (as society, not even just as a faith community) caring about creation. The head of PETA went so far as to say that, when a seal-hunting boat went under, the tragedy of hundreds of seals being killed is far worse than losing the 4 men on the boat. 

I hope that causes your jaw to drop. It did for me. Any time our concern for creation surpasses that of our concern for humans, we're treading on very thin ice. Humans are, after all, the pinnacle of God's creation. Not to diminish anything else or to simply be prideful for pride's sake, but frankly: we were made in the image of God. Nothing else comes close to that. The sun is awesome, but it's worth less than one person. The homeless dogs need help, but when they're eating better than thousands and millions in Africa (and our own neighborhoods), you gotta start questioning what's going on. 

What are your thoughts - is our love for creation surpassing our concern for the God-image created?

Taking Heart, 

Paul Loewen

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Paul Loewen
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