New administrator welcomes church into school

August 7, 2018

Chilliwack, B.C.—A year ago, the Chilliwack School District asked Crossroads Community Church, a Mennonite Church B.C. congregation, to consider moving its Sunday morning service to a different school. Although it meant considerable adjustments, the church obliged, in order to show a cooperative spirit to the public school community. The move to Vedder Middle School proved to be trying, as the administration seemed to feel uncomfortable with the church using its classrooms and gym. It became increasingly territorial, but then a breakthrough occurred when a new administrator, Gabe D’Archangelo, whose name epitomizes the pivotal role God played in changing the dynamics of the relationship of the school and church, came on board. He invited Crossroads to partner with the school and even offered to cross-promote the church’s youth ministry, and, in turn, Crossroads agreed to serve the school with Afternoon Adventures, an after school care program, and Friday Night Basketball League, an Athletes in Action program. Rob Ayer, Crossroads’ pastor, says, “It feels like when the Spirit of God moved the King of Cyrus in the Bible to cross-promote the return of the Jews back to Jerusalem. We are receiving green lights everywhere. They have us in the school four out of seven days. This is a shift for us toward the neighbourhood because of what God has done.”
—By Kevin Barkowsky (from MCBC Connect)


‘Kidzone’ is one of many Crossroads Community Church’s ministries that take place at Vedder Middle School in Chilliwack, B.C., during the week. (Crossroads website photo)




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