MDS Canada returning to Cape Breton

March 8, 2023

Although thousands of fallen trees were cleaned up by Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) volunteers after Hurricane Fiona struck the Maritimes last fall, and some roofs were patched or tarped, the organization was unable to do more before winter came.

Many live in what are called “company homes,” houses built many years ago by coal companies in the region and passed down through families after the mines closed. Although the mines are gone, the people remain. Those who depend on pensions are struggling to make ends meet, while others face unemployment.

For that reason, MDS Canada is going back to Cape Breton, starting in late March. Already 14 homes are lined up for repairs, with more likely to come.

To volunteer for a week or longer, contact Clara Flores at Subsidies are available to assist with travel. Visit for more information.

—Mennonite Disaster Service


The Cape Breton shoreline. (MDS photo by John Longhurst)

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