MCC B.C. inviting cash donations in response to massive flooding

November 19, 2021

ABBOTSFORD, B.C.—In reaction to massive flooding in southern British Columbia, Mennonite Central Committee B.C. is inviting cash donations to its B.C. Flood Response. Donations will aid those impacted by heavy rains and flooding. The organization is not at this time inviting donations of goods or material aid. “Our response is still in the process of being developed as we discern the needs that are not being met by others,” MCC B.C. executive director Wayne Bremner said in a news release yesterday. “At this time, we are not involved with the front-line emergency response. Our focus will be to assess the unmet needs of the most vulnerable members of our community and step into the gaps, support Mennonite Disaster Services [sic] in their response, and to support churches that are responding to the needs in their communities and congregations.” Bremner added that prayers are appreciated: “Please consider all of those working on the front lines of this crisis, for families who have been forced from their homes or have lost loved ones, for farmers who have lost livestock, other businesses who have been deeply impacted, and for our civic leaders as they make challenging decisions.” MCC B.C. is keeping supporters posted on its website, its Facebook page and via periodic emails.

—Mennonite Central Committee B.C.

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