MC Canada addresses Pittsburgh synagogue shooting

November 1, 2018

The five regional churches comprising Mennonite Church Canada have issued an invitation to “all congregations to join in a nationwide call to prayer for comfort and strength for our Jewish faith communities, particularly those here in Canada and the USA. In the wake of the Pittsburgh massacre of Jewish worshippers this week, all congregations in MC Canada are being asked to pray this Sunday for Jewish faith communities that have been impacted by this act of violence. Please join your sister congregations in lamenting all forms of violence against those who are different from us. Pray that those who grieve may be enfolded in God’s comforting embrace and that God’s healing power might restore shalom in communities whose peace has been shattered by violence. May our prayers stand in solidarity with all who call on God in this time of sorrow and grief.” —Mennonite Church British Columbia, Mennonite Church Alberta, Mennonite Church Saskatchewan, Mennonite Church Manitoba, Mennonite Church Eastern Canada

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