MC B.C. appoints interim executive minister

December 7, 2022

Kevin Barkowsky has been appointed interim executive minister of Mennonite Church B.C. by the regional church’s leadership board. The appointment is effective on Jan. 1, the day after current executive minister Garry Janzen retires. Barkowsky is assuming the position until it is filled permanently through an ongoing search process. He is currently employed half-time as MC B.C.’s church engagement minister and serves as half-time pastor of Sherbrooke Mennonite Church in Vancouver. “It is an honour to be asked to serve Mennonite Church B.C. as interim executive minister,” he says. “I am thankful to our MC B.C. staff and leadership board for their willingness to help fill in the gaps that will be left when Garry leaves. Garry Janzen has been an inspiration to us all, and we are grateful for his leadership, integrity, devotion to Christ, and love for Scripture and prayer.” Barkowsky will continue half-time with Sherbrooke and half-time in the combined MC B.C. roles. “Combining Garry’s full-time work, plus my half-time work into one half- time interim position will be a bit of a challenge, but we are thankful how everyone is stepping up to help out,” he says. “Thank you to MC B.C., Pastor Jorge Hoajaca and Sherbrooke for their continued prayer and support as I serve both Sherbrooke and MC B.C. in this new capacity.”

—Amy Rinner Waddell

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