Masks express God's love

June 30, 2020

The Edmonton Christian Life Community Church is a small congregation with around 25 members. Chinese Mennonite pastor, Ken Tse, recently shared with the pastors that his members were struggling to find masks for sale. Jean Lefever, a member of Holyrood Mennonite Church heard about the need and promptly offered to make two masks for every member. On June 2nd, Lefever met Pastor Tse at her home to give the 50 home-made masks. Tse expressed his appreciation by saying, “This is God’s love manifested. Thank you.”
—By Joanne De Jong


Chinese Mennonite pastor, Ken Tse (left) receives 50 homemade masks for his congregation from Jean Lefever, a member of the Holyrood Mennonite Church in Edmonton, Alberta. (Photo by Joanne De Jong)

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