Make a Difference Auction sets new record

May 3, 2017

The annual Make a Difference Auction, held on March 19, 2017, in Abbotsford, B. C., has raised its highest amount ever, with auction sales and donations totalling more than $200,000. While cattle makes up a good part of what is sold at the auction, that’s far from everything. A wheel of gouda cheese was auctioned off for more than $500. The original bidder then donated the gouda wheel back to the auction; it was auctioned off once more, again going for more than $500. A 23-kilogram bag of blueberries—to be harvested and delivered in July—sold for $400. That a charity auction should receive such deep support is a testament to the strength and commitment of the Abbotsford community, says coordinator Rod Brandsma. He also appreciates the support of the Canadian government in matching donations at the auction. “It’s great that every dollar gets stretched and helps those in need a lot more,” he says. Funds raised from the auction will be used by the Canadian Foodgrains Bank to respond to hunger emergencies around the world, including famine in South Sudan, conflict in Syria and drought in Somalia. —Canadian Foodgrains Bank

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