Volume 28 Issue 9

Jeep Weekend

Photo: Supplied

Photo: Angel Rodarte/Unsplash

If I’m not careful, I find myself surrounded by similar-minded individuals who are great at reflecting my own perspectives and values back at me. In a society that continues to grow increasingly polarized and tribalistic, the ease with which this can happen worries me.

How to disagree with the beloved of God

David Boshart, AMBS president, talks with Olufemi (Femi) Fatunmbi, a student from Los Angeles, California, during orientation week in 2021. Opposite page, graduate students meet in the AMBS courtyard in April 2023. Photo: Jason Bryant/AMBS

‘When tension starts to emerge, the natural inclination is to speed up and move past it,’ says David Boshart. ‘That’s exactly the wrong impulse.’ Photo: Peter Ringenberg/AMBS

Ian Funk remembers the last time he arrived on campus at Anabaptist Mennonite Biblical Seminary (AMBS)—how he walked into the guest house late at night and was welcomed by a fellow student sitting at the dining room table. People heard them exchanging greetings and popped out of their rooms.

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