Volume 28 Issue 3

In due season

Photo by 성두 홍/Pexels.

When I first started working out at a CrossFit gym, my muscles ached constantly. 

After a few months, I asked one of the trainers, “When does the pain go away?” After clarifying what kind of pain I was referring to, he said, “Oh, that never goes away. This is your new normal.” 

The unend of this story

Photo by Behnam Norouzi/Unsplash.

How many sermons do you remember from 25 years ago? Likely not many. 

Even the most meaningful and formative sermons from long ago tend to fade and become less a specific memory and more an unrecallable influential moment; a ripple whose impact remains but becomes indistinguishable the further life goes beyond that moment. 

Learning why

Camp Valaqua. Photo by Jon Olfert.

When campers first roll down our narrow road into the tall, tall trees, they are usually thinking about themselves: Will I have fun? Will I be scared?

When they return, they often begin to think about the people that surround them: Who will be my counsellor? Will the kids in my cabin be nice?

Connected at camp

Campers bond in the field at Silver Lake in Sauble Beach, Ontario. Photo by Jessa Braun.

Cam was working as a kitchen assistant at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp at the beginning of July 2022. It was his firstever week on staff. He’d had a lot of experience cooking, but it doesn’t take long for one to understand that the Silver Lake kitchen is a different beast.

OMMC grows musical leaders

Ontario Mennonite Music Camp. Supplied photo.

Ontario Mennonite Music Camp (OMMC) at Conrad Grebel University College is a small camp with a big impact. With a focus on communal music-making, campers receive exceptional instruction in voice or a variety of instruments, learn new musical techniques and explore church music and worship.

Journey to unity

Campers at Hidden Acres. Photo by Ben Watson.

Hidden Acres’ “Narnia Closet” carries the adventurous explorer on an unexpected journey. What begins as an innocent cleaning closet winds through a maze of stored items, a section so low you must crawl and finally a floor covered with basketballs, before exiting into the ping pong room on the other side of Stonehouse.

In but not of

Photo by Darryl Neustaedter Barg.

While I’m new in my role as associate program director for Camps with Meaning, I am not new to this place, or rather, these places. What has always shimmered at camp is the particularly thin space they are between us and God.

New Bible school opens in Thailand

Students at the Friends of Grace Bible School in Thailand. Photo courtesy of Mennonite Church Canada.

People gathered for the opening of Friends of Grace Bible School. Photo courtesy of Mennonite Church Canada.

Celebration of the opening of Friends of Grace Bible School. Supplied photo.

The Friends of Grace Bible School recently opened in the Issan area of Thailand. This school, supported by Mennonite Church Canada, will hold classes in the Friends of Grace Roi Et church. A Bible school had long been a dream for Friends of Grace, a network of about 100 worshipping groups in Laos and Thailand.

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