Number 4

Youth learn to write their own obituaries

A reflection on the meaning of life, death and life after death by a Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization member attending this year’s ‘Zombie apocalypse’ winter retreat at the Shekinah Retreat Centre.

Youth at the Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization’s senior-high retreat keep the ball moving with a revolving ping pong game at their annual retreat.

A roomful of zombies set the frightful scene for this year’s senior-high retreat organized by the Saskatchewan Mennonite Youth Organization (SMYO). While they weren’t real zombies, they were dealing with real life and death issues.

‘A part of who we are’

Suzanne Gross, back row left, a member of Edmonton First Mennonite Church, and Sam Semier, Julie Saby and Andre Tinio, students at the University of Alberta, pose with their Sudanese music students as part of an applied ethnomusicology course. Christmas Chany, Naigay Bhan and Changkuoth Tut hold instruments donated to Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite Church by Mennonite Church Alberta; they began learning guitar last November and were able to help lead singing at their church’s anniversary celebration on Jan. 26.

“When people named Rueben, Peter, James, and John show up at your door, you realize it’s a sign from God. . . . When they say they want your help to start a church, you help in any way you can.”

Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, co-pastor at Edmonton First Mennonite Church, voiced these words on Jan. 26 when he preached at the first anniversary service of Edmonton South Sudanese Mennonite Church.

Tall Grass from deep convictions

Paul and Tabitha Langel are pictured in front of their bakery at the Forks in Winnipeg. ‘We had a vision for a dreamy kind of neighbourhood bakery,’ Tabitha recalls.

Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company is well-known in and around Winnipeg for its gooey cinnamon buns and its organic local baking and preserves, suffusing the marketplace at the Forks and its Wolseley neighbourhood with the aroma of fresh baking.

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