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Flooding worsens Gazans’ plight

‘The occupation has meant a lack of income for people, and that makes this natural disaster a catastrophe,’ says Khalid Abu Sharekh, chair of Al Najd, a Mennonite Central Committee partner, of the flooding in Gaza shortly before Christmas.

A week after torrential rain battered the Gaza Strip, people in the al Nafaq Street area of eastern Gaza City were still struggling to clean mud and debris out of their homes and businesses just before Christmas.

Five lessons from Africa

Sister Sophia was full of thanks for the work that Mennonite Central Committee had done in her commu-nity and for the work it would do in the future.

Dan Unrau

Last year, a Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Learning Tour group—including the author—visited Ethiopia and Uganda to get a grasp of MCC’s work and its effectiveness in the holy work of being the church as Jesus’ hands and feet in places of need.

• “Oh my God! Oh my God!” gushed Sister Sophia meeting us as we disembarked from our bus.

One step at a time

Elsie Wiebe

Liz Koop

Across Canada, generations of women have been walking together in faith. As early as 1786, when Mennonites first began arriving from Pennsylvania, up until today, Mennonite women have found a sense of belonging by sharing with and caring for each other.

Fight or flight?

My city had a year of sorrow sadly stamped by the death of Julie Paskall on Dec. 29. It was Surrey’s 25th murder of the year. The 53-year-old mom was randomly beaten to death in an arena parking lot where she had stopped to pick up her teenage son.

Addressing inner needs

Sometimes I find the relationship between church and business a little baffling. It seems that the business world is increasingly adopting Christian values and practices to run their organizations, including aspects of Christian spirituality. It appears that there is something about Christian practices that is good for business.

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