Number 16

Fixing a ‘spoiled biography’

Hans Werner uses his father’s stories to reflect on questions of autobiography and Mennonite identity in the 20th century. The stories of his father’s (and mother’s) experiences of growing up in difficult circumstances in Stalinist Russia, and their harrowing experiences during World War II, are told from the perspective of the son who is trying to understand his parents.

A lasting legacy in wood

One of the plaques crafted by John Reimer.

John Reimer crafted all of the Mennonite Church Canada plaques that hang in congregations across the country today.

John Reimer, who died on June 28 at age 86, left a lasting legacy to Mennonite Church Canada and its congregations. All of the wooden plaques depicting a dove with an olive branch that hang in MC Canada congregations across Canada were handcrafted by him in 2000.

Peacekeepers receive mixed reception in Haiti

Masonry students such as 25-year-old Ronald Sadou Zami benefited from a 2012 MCC seminar on disaster-resistant construction.

Members of 5 Canadian Mechanized Brigade Group are welcomed to Haiti as part of the United Nations Stabilization Mission there.

In a decision that could have a direct impact on the work of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) in Haiti, the Canadian government has stepped up its contribution to the United Nations-led military peacekeeping mission in this Caribbean nation.

‘Torn from home’ hits close to home

Mark Diller Harder stands beside a display that includes family members. In the casket is his great-grandfather, Gerhard Neufeld; on the left is his great-great-grandfather, Johan Friesen; third from left is his great-grandmother, Maria (Friesen) Neufeld; fourth from left is his grandfather, Cornelius K. Neufeld.

I have always appreciated hearing stories of refugees to Canada, so I eagerly joined our St.

Walking humbly

The quest for truth and reconciliation is a high and holy one that inspires us even with its flaws and imperfections. Those who have observed and participated in the first nations’ Truth and Reconciliation events across Canada have found it to be a sacred experience.

Becoming Onesimus

I just turned 41. Finding new aches that never used to be there. Peculiar. Discovering a nap is disturbingly easy to slip into. Odd. Found some hair growing on my ear. Just plain weird. My belly is officially a well-insulated one-pack even though I don’t eat near what I used to. Depressing.

For discussion

1. What motivates you to give? Where did you learn to be generous? When you give to the church or to other charities, how much of it is carefully planned and how much of it is free-spirited? Is it important to you to analyze charities and to carefully plan your giving?

Shared ministry

It is a great experience to be on the board of Canadian Mennonite. On a personal level, it is both fun and interesting. You get to meet other Mennonites from across the country and hear what is going on in their churches. You find that some things between congregations are very similar.

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