Number 13

Christians say ‘I’m sorry’

Jamie Arpin-Ricci, pastor of Little Flowers Church, left, and Janet Conrad take part in the I’m Sorry campaign at this year’s Gay Pride Parade in Winnipeg on June 2, to express regret for the way Christians have not shown love to their LGBTQ neighbours.

Sam Schalk, Jen Funk and Hannah Foulger share their messages at the Gay Pride Parade in Winnipeg on June 2.

For the second year in a row, a group of Christians gathered in Winnipeg to say “I’m sorry.” They joined the crowds on the sidelines of the annual Gay Pride Parade in downtown Winnipeg on June 2 to convey their message of contrition.

‘Portrait’ of peacemakers

Max Wiedmer’s Peace Maker film, created in ‘portrait’ format, rather than as a conventional ‘landscape,’ was shown seven times over seven hours on May 17 in Basel’s Theodorskirch as part of the city’s first Night of Faith Festival.

More than a thousand people saw the movie Peace Makers at the Theodorskirch during the first Night of Faith Festival that took place in Basel on May 17.

Ontario indigenous woman awarded Sattler Peace Prize

James Jakob Fehr of the German Mennonite Peace Committee, left, presents Judy da Silva, a member of the Grassy Narrows First Nation in northwestern Ontario, right, with the 2013 Michael Sattler Peace Prize for her environmental advocacy work against multinational logging companies in her community.

Judy da Silva, a member of the Grassy Narrows First Nation in northwestern Ontario, was this year’s recipient of the Michael Sattler Peace Prize from the German Mennonite Peace Committee.

Walking humbly

‘Act justly,’ from Micah 6:8, was one of the three theme days at this year’s Walk, Witness, Worship Youth Retreat, held at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp on the May long weekend.

Lovette Nyembwa of Petitcodiac (N.B.) Mennonite Church, foreground, learns to ‘walk humbly’ by washing the feet of Jim Loney, keynote speaker at this year’s Walk, Witness, Worship Youth Retreat at Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, Hepworth, Ont.

Our youth group from Petitcodiac Mennonite Church in New Brunswick had the opportunity to travel to Silver Lake Mennonite Camp, Hepworth, Ont., on the May long weekend for the 2013 Walk, Witness, Worship (WWW) Youth Retreat.

What is Spirit baptism?

To baptize originally meant “to immerse” or “place into.” Usually. (Etymology can be complicated and controversial stuff.) Some of the oldest “baptism” references we have in the Greek language outside the New Testament are found in descriptions of a ship sinking beneath the water and an ancient pickling recipe. Essentially, to be baptized in the Spirit is to be “pickled” in God’s presence.

For discussion

1. How has your church changed since the 1960s and ’70s? Have there been major changes in the church structures and programs? Do congregational leaders feel hopeful or anxious about the future? Are the structures and programs sustainable or does it feel as though it is time for a major shake-up?

Finding our way

Ken Bechtel makes an astute observation in our lead feature when he says the church in postmodernity is more about “the experiential, spirituality, community, globalism, relativism and authenticity” than the “rationalism, dogmatism, nationalism and a veneered religiosity” of the past.

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