Number 12

Making a difference close to home

Douglas Mennonite young adults Emily Penner, foreground, and Kristi DeFehr help prepare a bed frame for assembly.

Megan Smith of Winnipeg applies glue to a piece of a bed frame held by David Hogue, manager of Camp Assiniboia.

You don’t need to travel the globe to find a place to serve. That’s what the young adults at Douglas Mennonite Church in Winnipeg came to realize when they decided on a local service adventure. For many months they looked and planned for a way to combine travel with service for the brief interlude between their university classes and the start of summer jobs.

Talking to the regime

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, centre, who will leave office this month as Iran’s president after serving two terms, is pictured at a February 2007 meeting with members of a Mennonite Central Committee-led delegation.

After Iranians replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, a two-term president, in this month’s elections, much of the world will remember him as an enigmatic hardliner from a far-off place. They will remember a stern, blustery man whose nuclear dabbling and inflammatory rhetoric about Israel and America seemed to invoke George W. Bush’s inclusion of Iran among the “Axis of Evil.”

For discussion

1. When you contemplate making a purchase or hiring a contractor, how do you get information about your options? As you narrow your options, what are the values or loyalties that guide your decisions? How big a role does price play? Is shopping locally important to you?

The economy and my new pair of shoes

Tobias Roberts models his refurbished Dockers.

The other morning, after dreaming to the tune of the constant patter of rain on the tin roof of my house, I woke early to enjoy a morning stroll through the mountains of northern Guatemala. After an hour or so of watching the mystical dance of clouds caressing the valleys and peaks of the green hills, I began to notice that my right foot was soaking wet.

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