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MCC sets new target for Syria crisis campaign

Walid Dabbous, left, a Syrian refugee now living in Sidon, Lebanon, tells his story to Don Peters, executive director of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada, centre, and Ali Jammoul, a worker with the Development for People and Nature Association.

The executive director of Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Canada says the situation in Syria is likely to worsen and more must be done for the people affected by the conflict.

Timeless treasures at Waterloo North

Henry Regier exhibited a 160-year-old Kroeger clock face along with copies of Arthur Kroeger’s book, Kroeger Clocks.

Anne Schmidt Friesen treasures a teacup her mother saved when the family was forced to flee Ukraine during the Second World War.

Palmer Becker entered the room wearing his great-grandfather’s Siberian goat coat brought from Russia by his grandparents in 1875.

Wilbur Maust ‘found’ this piece of driftwood on Manitoulin Island, Ont., cleaned it up and mounted it.

Where could you go in your town to find a show of artifacts from three or four continents? Our 50 +/- group at Waterloo North Mennonite Church, Waterloo, did just that after we followed through with a suggestion from our previous meeting.

The impact of one woman pastor’s ordination

As Frances Ringenberg, left, a member of the pastoral team of Prairie Street Mennonite Church in Elkhart, Ind., greets Emma Sommers Richards at the celebration of the book about Richards’ ordination, Ringenberg said, ‘You were the first woman pastor I ever saw.’ Richards was pastor of Lombard (Ill.) Mennonite Church, where Ringenberg was a member b

By telling the story of the ordination of Emma Sommers Richards, a new book from the Institute of Mennonite Studies aims to show that “all church members will share in the benefits and blessings that God will shower on faithful Anabaptist Mennonite congregations.”

An unlikely friendship

Through the safe spaces provided for connection and discussion by the Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA) Dialogues, Mzwandile Nkutha, left, and Cobus van Wyngaard are building an unlikely friendship across a history of racial divide.

An unlikely but emerging friendship between Mzwandile Nkutha and Cobus van Wyngaard through the Anabaptist Network in South Africa (ANiSA) demonstrates in a small way what it looks like to overcome deeply rooted racial prejudices in South Africa.

It is an unlikely friendship because Nkutha is a black Zulu and van Wyngaard is a white Afrikaner.

Small congregation draws big talent

A group of young teenage musicians are a highlight at the Mather Coffeehouse on April 13. Zach Tiessen, Tyler Rempel, Myles Tiessen, Brianna Hildebrand and Daria Hildebrand are from Trinity and Crystal City Mennonite churches and Cornerstone Ministries Church.

The tiny hamlet of Mather in southwestern Manitoba is home to about 100 people, but for one night of the year the population burgeons. On April 13, the Mather community held its annual coffeehouse at the community hall, drawing about 130 people from far and wide.

‘Like a watered garden’

Bedding plants on a garden bench help participants get into the spirit of this year’s Saskatchewan Women in Mission Enrichment Day theme: ‘Like a watered garden.’

Water trickled through several water fountains in the foyer of Eigenheim Mennonite Church, Rosthern, on April 27 as a visual and audible depiction of this year’s Saskatchewan Women in Mission Enrichment Day theme: ‘Like a watered garden.’

The foyer of Eigenheim Mennonite Church, filled with bedding plants on a garden bench and trickling water from several fountains, visually and audibly depicted the theme of this year’s Saskatchewan Women in Mission (SWM) Enrichment Day theme: “Like a watered garden.”

Across generations

Since last summer I have been responding to a rich crop of invitations to discuss healthy ways of grandparenting and relating across generational divides. I’m enjoying the ride. Rewarding conversations with old and young have ensued. I’ve learned about many creative ways grandparents stay in touch with their grandchildren, and I’ve made some new young friends.

For discussion

1. What have been your experiences of suffering, either personally or by people around you? What are the biggest challenges of dealing with long-term suffering? Have you seen someone’s identity or personality change as a result of suffering? How have relationships been affected?

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