Number 21

Speaking to people through music

Carol Ann Weaver composes Kgalagadi Calls in Durban, South Africa, this spring.

“I never had a question. There was never an alternative. I kind of envied the people who had to figure out what they had to do in their careers and lives. Me, it was clear as a bolt of lightning. It was the one thing I knew I had to follow and I was passionate about music. I remember my first passions since before I knew how to explain them, before I went to school.”

As you wish

In The Princess Bride, a 1987 comedy film, the haughty princess takes great pleasure in giving orders to her farmhand. He readily complies, often with the slightest of smiles on his face—perhaps even a smirk—and the words, “As you wish.” The princess eventually realizes that her servant’s accommodation is a declaration of his love for her, a love which she returns.

For discussion

1. Keith Graber Miller says that until recently the Christian church has been negative towards sexuality and reluctant to talk about it. Is this true of your experience? What are the consequences of not talking openly about sexuality? Do the people in your church still find it difficult to talk openly about sexuality?

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