Fund established for survivors of Yoder abuse

May 26, 2015

The Discernment Group working to care for victims of John Howard Yoder’s sexual abuse and to advocate against sexual abuse in the Mennonite church has established a Care and Prevention Fund with Mennonite Church USA. The purpose of the fund is threefold: 1) to recompense, at least in some small measure, the material costs that persons victimized by Yoder or another credentialed leader of Mennonite Church USA undertook on their road to healing; 2) to provide tangible care for persons who have experienced sexual abuse; 3) to assist in prevention of sexual abuse. Persons who have been sexually abused by a credentialed leader (licensed or ordained) of Mennonite Church USA and have experienced significant financial cost as they sought healing are invited to submit requests for reimbursement. Canadian survivors should contact Linda Gehman Peachey at or Regina Shands Stoltzfus at All submission information will remain confidential. Requests from victims must be submitted by Aug. 31, 2015, to be considered. –Mennonite Church Canada

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