Foothills Mennonite Guest House closes after 15 years

August 29, 2022

CALGARY—Foothills Mennonite Guest House began 15 years ago when members of Foothills Mennonite Church noticed that families and individuals from out of town would sacrifice their savings to pay for a hotel while visiting their loved ones in Calgary’s hospitals. Often referred to by pastors, social workers or Alberta Health Services, guests would stay for one night or even several weeks. The church, through its guest house committee, provided volunteers to act as hosts, cleaners, painters, and they also helped with yard work and even baking. But after 15 years of successful ministry, the church met and decided that proceeds of the sale of the property would allow it the flexibility for future ministries, and the guest house closed on June 30.

—By Jessica Evans


Foothills Mennonite Guest House in Calgary closed on June 30. (Photo by Ruth Bergen Braun)

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