Foodgrains Bank named one of Canada’s top-impact charities again

November 26, 2020

For the third year, the Canadian Foodgrains Bank is included as a “top-10 impact charity” by Charity Intelligence Canada for 2020. “This repeated public affirmation of our work, and the work of our members and partners, is truly welcome and celebrated,” says Andy Harrington, the Foodgrains Bank’s executive director. “We realize that people who support the Foodgrains Bank place a great deal of trust in us when they make a donation. Unlike a local charity, it’s difficult for everyday Canadians to see the impact of our work firsthand, so this affirmation from Charity Intelligence is particularly meaningful.” Charity Intelligence is a third-party independent organization that examines different Canadian charities annually and assigns ratings based on donor reporting, financial transparency, funding need, cents to the cause, and demonstrated impact. The “top-10 impact charity” list is a subset of the larger list, and examines only one thing: for every dollar donated, what is the impact? “We realize that we are only able to achieve this level of impact and accountability thanks to the relationships we, as the Foodgrains Bank and its members, have with churches, individuals, local partners and government, in Canada and around the world,” says Harrington. “I’m deeply grateful for the way we’re able to work together for a world where no one goes to bed hungry.”

—Canadian Foodgrains Bank


Andy Harrington is the executive director of Canadian Foodgrains Bank.

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