CPT is now Community Peacemaker Teams

February 2, 2022

After 35 years of committing itself to the transforming power of nonviolence through activism grounded in partnerships with local peacemakers worldwide, Christian Peacemaker Teams (CPT) is now Community Peacemaker Teams. The organization chose the word “community” because it reflects the diversity of its membership. Everyone at CPT is encouraged to bring their expression of spirituality or faith, or what motivates them, to the work of peacebuilding while grounded in CPT’s shared values of equality, human dignity, justice and peace. “Community” also reflects the essence of its work. It evokes a sense of togetherness and solidarity with its partners and within CPT, while highlighting the openness and accountability central to its work. The name change also recognizes CPT’s journey of undoing oppressions. As an organization that seeks to address structures of power and privilege, it is important that its language be inclusive and life-affirming. In the CPT community, all are welcome to partner towards collective liberation. Its commitment is unwavering in challenging and dismantling the systems of power, violence and oppression that prey upon the most vulnerable among us: this is the basis of our work. CPT is excited about its growing membership and living into a diversity where the sacred is recognized and revealed in many traditions and tongues, identities and images, colours and cultures.


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