Executive Minister (MC British Columbia)

Mennonite Church British Columbia (MC B.C. ) is looking for an Executive Minister (EM) to work with the MC B.C. Leadership Board to shape and implement the mission and vision of MC B.C.

The EM will help foster and sustain spiritually vibrant congregations and develop and mentor leaders. The chosen candidate will be someone who assists in shaping, defining, and cultivating MC B.C’s Anabaptist vision of faith for today. The EM will build healthy connections, grow community, and meaningfully engage with our culture and God’s world in transformative ways.

Ideal start date is Summer 2022 for handover with the current EM.

Find the job description here: mcbc.ca/article/12064.

The application deadline is February 15, 2022.

Please send cover letter and resume to emstg@mcbc.ca.

All interested are encouraged to apply, and only the applicants that meet the expectations of the role will be contacted.

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