Leaf Blowers

October 18, 2010
Paul Loewen |

Leaf blowers are everything that is wrong with this world. 

Let me back that statement up. Jeanette and I are spending our first Fall in a house. When we lived in our apartment, we didn't mind the fact that we didn't have to mow a lawn, shovel a driveway, or rake leaves. But we also looked forward to those things, mostly because they symbolized the fact that we would have a yard, a parking space (or a garage), and trees. Now we have those things. And we're enjoying the yard work. 

We have one tree in our yard, and a small bush. But the neighbourhood we live in has plenty, and so all of them drift everywhere. We filled up a dozen large garbage bags just the other week, from the front yard only. My always imaginative mind was creating a leaf-sucker that would just pick them all up off the yard and whip them into a garbage bag. I'm not sure if that exists, but if it did it would be awesome. 

What does exist, however, is leaf blowers. You see them all the time. Simply blowing the leaves off of the yard affected. I've been running down a street before, seeing people blowing leaves onto the street in piles. They just left them there for cars to drive into. It frustrates me to no end. Jeanette always has to tell me to calm down. I'm not sure what I would say otherwise. 

It's not that leaves on the street are that big a deal. They'll spread, they'll decompose eventually. It's a part of life. But the attitude of the people blowing the leaves off of their yard and onto the street (or their neighbour's yard) is hugely indicative of the things that are wrong in this world. Instead of dealing with problems, we put them in someone else's path. Instead of even dealing with the symptoms, we blow them off our yard. If we wanted to actually get rid of the leaves, we would bag them and cut down the trees at the same time. But most people are too selfish and too short-sighted to see this. We'd rather blow them over to our neighbours. Something's gotta change.

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Paul Loewen
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