Four Seasons

November 13, 2010
Paul Loewen |

I'm usually not one for a ton of sentimentality, but bear with me a little. Many people like to complain about where they live, whether it be because of rain, cold, snow, heat, or taxes. I find this very strange. I love Winnipeg. It's not that I don't like being in the mountains (mountains are awesome), but I just enjoy this city. I also love the depth and range of our four seasons - going from mushy and green in the spring to too hot in the summer, to crisp and clear in the fall, to snow in the winter. Maybe I'm okay with winter because I love playing hockey and going for walks in the snow is so much more of an adventure than in summer. Whatever the reason, I love it. 

Maybe people don't actually dislike the seasons or their living location, they just like to complain. You see that a lot. People like to complain. It doesn't really matter how good things are going, they'll find something to complain about. I don't know why, but I just refuse to live life that way. Sure, there are some things about Winnipeg that aren't great, but there're so many good things. And every other city or province has its drawbacks as well. 

So for me, I'm going to keep enjoying the seasons, the taxes, the traffic circles, and the mosquitos because Winnipeg has character and I love it.

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Paul Loewen
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