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January 16, 2013 | Viewpoints

Stop being ‘so extremely politically biased’

In a democratic society I have the right to express my views, my satisfaction and my dissatisfaction with governmental policies. There are policies coming from the Harper government with which I disagree and some policies with which I agree. The same was true with policies from the Chretien, Trudeau and Mulroney governments, as I found some of their policies very disturbing.

However, as I read articles in Canadian Mennonite in the “Readers write” section in the Dec. 17, 2012, edition, as in numerous earlier editions, I am very saddened. These views are extremely liberal, with their generous and vicious personal attacks on our current prime minister. They don’t appear to be coming from a heart that is tuned into God’s command of “love your neighbour as yourself.”

Our expressions should display our heart which is in tune with God. Our Canadian Mennonite should show attitudes that are pleasing to God and be encouraging us in our walk of faith, instead of being a paper that is so extremely politically biased as to be offensive. Like it or not, some articles are very offensive. I cannot picture Christ being pleased with us.

If that’s the intent of Canadian Mennonite, then we should lose our charitable status. However, I would encourage us to use this medium to assist each other in experiencing and expressing God’s faithfulness to us. There is such a lack of Christian ethics and morality, and such an abundance of maliciousness in today’s society, without our Canadian Mennonite becoming an instrument of doing the same.

Christ expects us to show reverence to those in authority. That doesn’t mean we agree with everything our political leaders do. That’s why we need to pray for them regardless of the political party they belong to. Let’s make sure our articles in Canadian Mennonite show evidence of prayer behind them. Canadian Mennonite has much to offer, but I wish we could just leave out the vicious and malevolent political attacks.

Peter Wiebe, Saskatoon

Turn to the Bible for truth

Re: “Fighting against ourselves” by Scott Bergen (Nov. 26, page 44).

I am a Christian who upholds the Word of God, the Holy Bible, as the answer to any debate. This is not a Mennonite versus Mennonite issue; it is rather an issue involving spiritual warfare (good versus evil). If I understand Bergen’s article, he is conveying the idea that Mennonites have been hypocritical regarding equality and peace. I credit the Mennonite church for not abandoning its core moral values by negotiating with evil.

Mennonites have conflict in interpretation, but when all else fails to resolve an issue, we must turn to the Bible for truth and direction, and not argue amongst ourselves. I applaud the Mennonite church for not accepting gay relationships or marriage.

Brian Steckley, Neustadt, Ont.

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