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October 26, 2011 | Viewpoints | Number 21

Readers say YES to Jets’ logo

For the most part, I appreciate the content of Canadian Mennonite and how it links me to Mennonites across Canada and the wider Mennonite community worldwide. However, the Oct. 3 issue has prompted me to write a response because of annoyance, and perhaps even some disgust, over the cover page and corresponding content. My first thought upon seeing this issue was, “Seriously? This was what a national church magazine is choosing to focus on?”

I am not an avid hockey fan, so perhaps all the hockey hype of the Jets’ return to Winnipeg is lost on me. But the cover smacks of sensationalism and the corresponding articles are not making any kind of strong statement towards . . . well, anything, really.

To be honest, after reading them I think I’m more likely to go out and buy Jets’ merchandise than I was before. I don’t believe Don Cherry or his opinionated mouth had a whole lot to do with the graphic design of this jersey.

David Driedger’s article made some good points in regards to the logo being a marketable product. When it comes right down to it, the Jets’ logo is graphically striking and ties in with several elements of Winnipeg culture—the team’s history and the city’s history with the RCAF—and is more patriotic than most Canadian teams’ symbols. It makes logical sense on many fronts that this choice of logo and symbol is one that was carefully thought out.  

The Mennonites I know who are hockey fans will cheer for whichever hockey team they want to for their own personal reasons. Should we care to dissect every symbol on athletic wear today, it might be better to think about the other symbols in sports teams that stereotype the native American populations in North America, or how hockey condones so much violence in the first place.

I am disappointed that hockey was seen as a front-page priority amid some of the much more worthwhile content regarding education in this edition.

Sheralyn Friesen, Winnipeg, Man.

Finally an attractive Canadian Mennonite cover! Go, Jets!

Thomas Wiebe, London, Ont.

I enjoy reading your magazine and find most articles to be excellent. However, I found your cover and first two articles of the Oct. 3 issue criticizing the logo of the Winnipeg Jets to be out of line. This is a National Hockey League team and has every right to choose its name and logo. Surely you could have found better articles to use, instead of wasting the space.

Go, Jets.

Paul Klassen, Hanover, Ont.

In praise of Don Cherry

I have a different view of Don Cherry than Dan Swartzentruber (“Should Mennos cheer for fighter Jets?”, Oct. 3, page 4).

In October 2010, after 64 very healthy and happy years, I was diagnosed with Stage 4 colon cancer. At the same time, a hockey teammate of mine approached Don Cherry, who was signing autographs after the finals of the Battle of the Blades TV show. He told Cherry that he had a hockey playing buddy who had just been given the news that his hockey playing days were over. He then autographed a program to be given to me with a very encouraging note.

In early January I received a huge package in the mail from CBC Radio Canada. Upon opening, I found T-shirts, videos and many pictures. I was overwhelmed. Not only did he send these things, but each one was autographed by him personally with a different encouraging get-well message.

The most important thing he sent was a picture of himself and his dog Blue. On the back were these words: “Dear Art, I have carried this medal for years. I want you to have it. God bless and trust in the Lord.” On the medal is an image of an angel about the size of a quarter. I was an emotional wreck after reading that. Many of his other sayings referenced trust in the Lord.

I am not a Toronto Maple Leaf fan and was not a great Cherry fan before this. However, I now listen to his rants from a different point of view. I do not care for his militaristic stance, but as our former associate pastor once said, “We are all zebras. Sometimes we have white stripes, sometimes we have black ones.”

We are told that our hearts are the size of our fist. I think Don Cherry’s is as big as a basketball.

Art Wiens, Virgil, Ont.

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