For discussion: 'Sounding the Scriptures'

Questions for reflecting on and discussing the lead article, 'Sounding the Scriptures' (Jan. 6, 2013 issue)

December 31, 2013 | Feature
By Barb Draper |

1. In what setting have you heard someone “sound the Scripture,” telling a Bible story without reading it? How is re-telling a story different from reading it or repeating it from memory? What makes an effective biblical children’s story?

2. John Epp says his early attempts to read the Bible on his own were “far from joyful.” Do you find the words more powerful if they are spoken or if you read them quietly? What role does eye contact play in storytelling? How is a story told in community different from one read in solitude?

3. “Sounding the Scripture” is not simply repeating the words found in the Bible. Does it bother you that a storyteller is also interpreting the story? Does it make you want to check exactly what your translation says? Are we too tied to the text?

4. Do you agree with Epp that, “there is some unease about hearing the Bible boldly told out loud and in public”? Why is a bold new interpretation apt to make us uncomfortable? Is storytelling less controlled than reading? How would you like to see biblical storytelling used in your church?

--Posted Dec. 24, 2013

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