For discussion: Atonement

Questions for reflecting on and discussing the feature article, Atonement (Nov. 11, 2013 issue)

November 6, 2013 | Feature | Number 22
By Dave Rogalsky and Barb Draper |

1. Dave Rogalsky says that “blood songs” are about atonement. What “blood songs” can you think of? What do these songs say about the death or blood of Christ? What questions do you have about these ideas of atonement?

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2. Which metaphor of God making right the relationship between humanity and God catches your imagination, emotions or thought? Which metaphors of God making right the relationship between humanity and God do not connect with you? Which metaphor or theory do you think most of the people of your congregation would use to describe atonement?

3. Do you agree with J. Denny Weaver and Tim Grimsrud that the Satisfaction Theory of atonement is based on violence? How do you respond to Weaver and Grimsrud’s attempts to paint God as nonviolent? Does it bother you to think of God as having the right to violence, but not humanity?

4. Karl Koop says, “Salvation is complex, rich, large, a mystery.” Can you live with multiple images and metaphors of atonement in tension and balance?

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