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June 5, 2013 | Feature | Number 12
By Barb Draper |

1. When you contemplate making a purchase or hiring a contractor, how do you get information about your options? As you narrow your options, what are the values or loyalties that guide your decisions? How big a role does price play? Is shopping locally important to you?

2. Does your community support a variety of local businesses, industries and artisan shops? Were there more in the past? Are you aware of all the small shops in your area? Do you agree with Tobias Roberts that, “[p]rioritizing what is local should be the centre around which our economic lives turn”?

3. Roberts says that our global economic system is “designed to function towards injustice,” and that it hides community so that we cannot see the effects of production. Do you agree? How can shopping locally help to foster justice and community? What would it mean to also make our investments locally?

4. Why should we be concerned about the global economic system? Does faithfulness to God require us to think carefully about the effects of our purchases and investments? How can we encourage each other to consider fair trade and creation care when we are shopping?

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