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May 23, 2012 | Feature | Number 11

1. What role models are boys and young men exposed to today? How well do our families and churches do in providing healthy male role models? Does pop culture provide positive as well as negative images of what it means to be a man? Who were the positive role models of earlier generations?

2. Klassen says that when we are uncertain about something we poke fun at it. Do you agree? Why do you think situation comedies and other television shows poke fun at male characters? What has made Homer Simpson such a well-known character? How much do shows like The Simpsons influence our perceptions of masculinity?

3. What can we learn about relationships from the David and Absalom story of 2 Samuel, chapters 15-19? What are the limitations of taking a male fighter/warrior stance? What biblical characters would provide a better role model?

4. Klassen says that the continuing discussion about male role models through his week at Canadian Mennonite University shows that the topic hit a nerve. Do you agree? What can congregations do to help young men find good role models? How could we reduce the influence of pop culture?

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