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Education Packages

The basic prices and sizes for the Schools Directory per year (nine months) are listed below:

The packages listed below are based on CM’s lowest prices (Mennonite Church Canada price tier) for all ads and include an additional 15% discount.



Special Feature

Thanks to this past year’s quality stories and participation, we will continue with the story feature. In the event that we have more than nine schools (as was the case this past year) we may include more than one school per issue as needed to insure all schools are featured in the course of the year. Canadian Mennonite invites you to submit (at no extra cost) a photo of the person you are featuring along with 250 words describing that person’s contribution to the school’s vision and mission. A tentative school rotation schedule for the stories is listed below.


Focus on Education Issues

Each year Canadian Mennonite runs two issues focusing on education. For the 2018 – 2019 school year the dates for this issue will be October 8, 2018 and January 21, 2019. These have been CM issues of choice for schools run ads in their ad packages (see options listed below). This is also an issue when the editorial side of the magazine invites schools to submit photos and 400 word stories. There is no cost for this and stories will be included as space allows. You may want to contact Ross Muir, managing editor at in advance if you have an idea for stories for these issues.


Online Ads

Our online ads will link our readers to a page of your choice on your school website. We offer two sizes.  Normally priced $63 (285 pixels wide x 160 pixels high) and $110 (285 pixels wide x 330 high) for the smaller and larger ad. To qualify for these prices, purchases must be made when committing to one of the packages listed below. The Canadian Mennonite website attracts approximately 11,000 unique visitors per month.


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