Sepphoris, about an hour’s walk from Nazareth, was the capital of the Galilee in the first century. Mosaics were common in this city, in both public and private buildings. Tesserae (small cut stones) were used to form a picture, providing stunning images of the people and way of life, dating back to when Jesus ministered in the region. The mosaic pictured above includes a photo of a third-century loaves and fishes mosaic found in a church in the northern Galilee.

The Anabaptist Mosaic is a Canadian Mennonite multi-media initiative (print and online) designed to capture the shared identity of Anabaptist Mennonites across Canada through stories of Anabaptist faith at work. The Mennonite church is blessed with strong educational, financial, business, professional, and mission organizations. The goal is for each story to function as a tessera (one cut stone) in the Anabaptist Mosaic, ultimately offering a clear picture of who we are as a people committed to the Anabaptist Mennonite way.

The vision is to more clearly communicate what we mean by “doing things from an Anabaptist perspective.” The assumption is that the more we embrace and own a shared calling, the better equipped we become to share our faith and the more we will care for and support the organizations we develop to engage in ministry, education, creation care, service, mission, and business.

The idea is simple. Canadian Mennonite invites organizations, congregations, businesses, professionals, and individuals to participate in creating the Anabaptist Mosaic. Each will contribute content for one back cover of the magazine, which will also appear online.


Step 1:  Define what you want to say
Discern what to communicate through your organization’s page. What is God is calling us to as individuals, congregations, businesses, educational, service, creation care, financial and any other church related organizations? What makes that calling Anabaptist? The Anabaptist approach to faith is rooted in a deep commitment to practicing what Jesus taught in our daily lives. So, the clearer the sense of calling, the more clearly we will be able to share vision and challenge each other to faithfulness.

Step 2: Select a story
Each participating individual or organization will be asked to identify an Anabaptist story from the recent or distant past, dating as far back as the early Anabaptist movement. Canadian Mennonite will assemble an advisory group to help find the Anabaptist stories. You can find a story (ideally with some form of visual) that embodies the “why” behind what you do (as an individual, congregation, organization, business, or professional) as followers of Jesus.

        a.     Tell that story briefly in the ad
        b.     Explain how this story impacts your organization and how it shapes what it does (ideally including a contemporary visual)
        c.     We at Canadian Mennonite will work with you in shaping this into a page, which will appear on the back cover of the print issue. We can provide writing, copy editing, proofreading and design services. If you prefer, you may choose to work with your staff to produce the ad. In this case, Canadian Mennonite will provide parameters for the ad, to insure consistency for the campaign.

Sharing the stories on the back cover will insure visibility, accountability and inspiration.

Step 3: Your page and additional story details will be posted on the Canadian Mennonite website
Your page will have a user-friendly URL, so your organization can to point to it via social networking, editorial or ad content. In addition to text and photos, provision will be made to include video, if you wish.

The website will include a landing page from which readers can select stories in the Anabaptist Mosaic series.

The web-based resource will inspire readers and can provide content for sermons, children’s stories, inspiration for board and committee meetings, and other settings. The Mosaic site will also be place where people of non-Mennonite background can get to know Anabaptist followers of Jesus.


The cost of a Mosaic page is $1,960 for members of the Mennonite Church and their supporting organizations. Sponsors will be sought to provide support for congregations and individuals for whom the cost is an issue.

Canadian Mennonite will gather enough commitments or sponsorships to run at least one Mosaic page per issue (print and online), for one year, in order to build a critical mass. In addition, Canadian Mennonite will run a series of ads in print and online to promote the series.

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