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Episcopalian priest Michael Spurlock has a problem. His diocese has ordered him to oversee the closing of the dying All Saints Church in Tennessee, but then a group of Karen... Read More
September 6, 2017 | Artbeat | Amy Dueckman
The Mennonite Disaster Service (MDS) assessment team moved deeper into the devastating footprint of Hurricane Harvey on August 31, 2017, as they visited the town of Bloomington,... Read More
September 2, 2017 | Web First |
A name change, effective immediately, heralds a time of direction-setting for the former North American Vietnamese Mennonite Fellowship. From June 30 to July 1, 2017, the... Read More
August 23, 2017 | God at work in the Church | Donita Wiebe-Neufeld
While many congregations are shuttering or repurposing their education wings, Leamington United Mennonite Church built a whole new addition in 2011, replacing a 1959 building that... Read More
August 23, 2017 | God at work in the Church | Dave Rogalsky
Oliver Friesen’s face lights up when he talks about history. “There’s something about the past,” he says. “It’s alive and so interesting.” For the past two summers Friesen has... Read More
August 23, 2017 | God at work in the Church | Donna Schulz
Camp Moose Lake, one of Mennonite Church Manitoba’s three Camps with Meaning (CwM) locations, has been sold to the Division Scolaire Franco-Manitobaine. Possession date for the... Read More
August 23, 2017 | God at work in the Church |
An American theatre company with Mennonite roots performed its newest production, which explores indigenous-settler relations, to a capacity crowd in Winnipeg earlier this summer... Read More
August 23, 2017 | Artbeat | Aaron Epp
Despite warnings from Mennonite Central Committee (MCC), Low German Mennonites from drought-prone regions of northern Mexico have bought over 20,000 hectares of land in Colombia... Read More
August 23, 2017 | God at work in the World | Will Braun
The first thought that struck me when I arrived in China’s Sichuan province was how green it was. Somehow, perhaps from tales of air pollution and reading “Made in China” stamped... Read More
August 23, 2017 | Young Voices | Vanessa Snyder-Penner
A relationship between a Winnipeg church and a community in northern Manitoba has resulted in a special friendship between two young women. Mekiah Yonda and Amber Muskego met when... Read More
August 23, 2017 | Young Voices | Aaron Epp
WARNING: This story contains graphic descriptions of violence. Dozens of Congolese Mennonites have been killed, hundreds of their homes have been burned, and thousands of them... Read More
August 21, 2017 | Web First | Will Braun
When retired teacher Martha Wiens of Leamington (Ont.) United Mennonite Church turned 80, she threw herself a birthday party with purpose. She auctioned off a specially made quilt... Read More
August 18, 2017 | Web First | Deborah Froese
Haze lingered over a wide area of British Columbia in early August, a reminder that wildfires in B.C.’s interior were affecting residents several hundred kilometres away. An air... Read More
August 15, 2017 | Web First | Amy Dueckman
Ben Goossen argues that German-speaking Mennonites of the 20th century had a sense of Mennonite nationality and that this concept of Mennonites as a “chosen nation,” a people with... Read More
August 15, 2017 | Web First | Barb Draper
The Mennonite Worship and Song Committee in inviting congregations and individuals to give input toward a new hymnal scheduled for release in 2020. “We want to hear what is giving... Read More
August 11, 2017 | Web First |
A doctoral thesis focusing on the nonviolent witness of a peace church in Nigeria was recently completed at the Ecumenical Institute of the World Council of Churches (WCC). The... Read More
August 11, 2017 | Web First |
The four short words of this obituary’s title, sent to Mennonite Church Alberta’s area church minister Tim Wiebe-Neufeld, heralded a large impact for the province’s churchgoers,... Read More
August 2, 2017 | Web First | Donita Wiebe-Neufeld
On June 25, 2017, Tavistock Mennonite Church’s intentional interim pastor, Jim Brown, got his feet—and more—wet, as the congregation acknowledged three-quarters-of-a-century of... Read More
July 18, 2017 | God at work in the Church | Dave Rogalsky
As far as David Epp is concerned, the 2016-17 school year was “a real success.” His first year of teaching at Rosthern Junior College (RJC) was also the first year of the school’s... Read More
July 18, 2017 | God at work in the World | Donna Schulz
For Muslim students at the University of Waterloo, long spans of fasting during the longest days of the year are over and may already feel like a distant memory. However, it was... Read More
July 18, 2017 | God at work in the World | Jennifer Konkle
“We are here to celebrate with you,” said Melissa Giles, director of programs for Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) B.C., as she praised the strength, courage and perseverance of... Read More
July 18, 2017 | God at work in the World | Amy Dueckman
Glenn Martin’s voice was deep with emotion as he expressed appreciation for Yellow Bellies , a drama that describes the experiences of Mennonite conscientious objectors (COs)... Read More
July 18, 2017 | Artbeat | Barb Draper
The past two years have seen the publication of two interesting new collections of academic writing on Mennonite themes, one theological and the other historical. While other... Read More
July 18, 2017 | Artbeat | Max Kennel
Canadian Mennonite executive editor Virginia A. Hostetler attended the Canadian Church Press (CCP) awards banquet, held in Quebec City on June 22, at which she received writing... Read More
July 18, 2017 | Artbeat | Ross W. Muir
For Jaymie Friesen, responding to abuse and preventing it in communities of faith is a personal calling. As the abuse response and prevention coordinator at Mennonite Central... Read More
July 18, 2017 | Young Voices | Rachel Bergen