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God at Work in the Church Feature

A hoof and heart both need mending

Photo by Doug Klassen

God at Work in the Church Feature | By Doug Klassen | Oct 18, 2017

He was a welcome sight when his truck and trailer pulled into the yard. Even before the truck stopped moving, he jumped out the passenger side and started walking toward me.

“Doctor Klassen?” he said as he held a cigarette at the side of his mouth. He reached out his tattoo-laden arm and introduced himself: “Morgan Girletz. Good to meet ya. Let’s see yer horse!”

Prodigal pastor

Lee Hiebert. (Photo courtesy of Lee Hiebert)

God at Work in the Church Feature | By Will Braun | Oct 04, 2017 | 1 comment

Seventy-four-year-old George Ediger rushed out of church during the final song and caught up with the newcomer in the parking lot before the big young visitor with the shaved head and biker beard could escape in the maroon hot rod that stood out among the grey and beige sedans.

That gesture of welcome, although not entirely welcomed at the time, was one of many that ushered Lee Hiebert along an unlikely path of transformation.